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not cool, jimmy steve
not cool, jimmy steve

help me tumblr

i’m going to this coming of age/debutante party on saturday and it’s formal and i have nothing to wear and refuse to buy something new because i’m broke so tell me which is the most appropriate ok thx bye

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  1. joemazzellos said: the MIDDLE ONE
  2. izinomics said: blue!!
  3. lesoircharmant said: first one
  4. thealrightcatsby said: The floral one on the right or you can steal something from my closet
  5. missbarns said: the lace blue one but maybe with a thin belt?
  6. elmaestroxavi said: LOVE the second one :)
  7. lovelysansa said: 2nd one for sure!
  8. crable said: They all look so nice!!! But I think the black one is most appropriate for the occasion… Although maybe the floral one too. Hmm. I’m my very helpful.
  9. dandehaane said: number one i’m gonna holler at ya’ mac look at you!!! c:
  10. peachiefuzz said: the first one!
  11. mycroftsdeductions said: who still has coming of age parties? omg you canadians. but i’d say #1. can’t go wrong with that.
  12. nightmother said: I adore the first dress.
  13. serlorastyrel said: DA NAVY PLS & TANKS
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